Racha Yai Charter

Racha Yai

Racha Yai (also known as Raya) lies about 20 kilometres south of Phuket, so our Sunseeker Manhattan 50 can make the trip easily in an hour or so, with our Catamaran taking a very pleasant 1.5 hours to arrive, it all depends on whether you wish to stop along the way for a swim in the deep blue, crystal clear mid ocean waters.

A popular stopover is Batok Bay on the Northwest coast of Racha. This splendid crescent of powder-soft sand is the location of Racha Resort, a five-star luxury hotel much frequented by international celebrities. Leonardo Di Caprio stayed here during the filming of “The Beach”. Racha is perfect for lunch at one of the many popular restaurants and a refreshing swim. The surrounding waters are as clear as crystal and visibility is commonly 30 metres or more making it ideal for diving and snorkeling.

Racha Yai

The oldest inhabitants are almost certainly the giant Monitor Lizards, residing at the end of the main beach. Although not venomous, they are best viewed from a respectable distance. Dolphins are sometimes spotted off Siam beach, the longest white sand beach on Koh Racha.

It is a lovely, quiet location for a great beach dining experience at the Rayaburi beach side restaurant. To the south of the main island is Racha Noi which is uninhabited, not much more than a rock, really. The diving there is magnificent but more suited to experienced divers due to strong currents.