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For the last word in a Phuket sailing experience look no further than Seraph. This magnificent 109 year old lady of the sea is available for charter from  Chalong Bay, Phuket.

Destinations And Itinerary

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Originally built and launched in Copenhagen she plied her trade in the North Sea for nearly 70 years, at which time she retired from her working life to travel the oceans as a private cruising yacht, arriving in Phuket in the early 90's.

Following a small mishap in the Simillan Islands (she sank) she was salvaged and restored by a yacht loving Australian boat builder in Phuket.

Today she is smartly rigged as a gaff schooner in the traditional style and is competing well in the classic division of many sailing regattas.

You too can experience the classic charm of a bygone era aboard Seraph. With a guest capacity of up to 40 she is large, stable and a delight to sail on.

Choose from one of the following crewed trips:

The Overnighter:

30hrs. Departs Ao Chalong in the morning, sailing east to a paradise island, stopping for lunch and a swim. Guests may choose to stay here overnight or sail on to Koh Racha to view the spectacular sunset. More sun, sea, sailing and swimming the next day before returning to Ao Chalong.

The Phang Nga Classic:

4 days 3 nights. Departs Ao Chalong to absorb the beauty of Phang Nga Bay – Krabi, Koh Yao, Phi Phi islands and Koh Racha.

The Phang Nga Extended:

7 days 6 nights. As per the Classic but also visits more exotic and diverse locations, Koh Lanta, Rok Nok and more paradise islands. Passengers also have the chance to experience Seraph sailing at speed under full ‘passage sail’. An experience not to be missed!

The Andaman Adventure:

12 days 10 nights. Depart Ao Chalong on the voyage of discovery. Perhaps the Similan Islands, Mergui Peninsular, Burma Banks for some breathtaking snorkelling or scuba diving. Or sail to Koh Lanta, Turatao, Rok Nok, and over into Malaysia’s Butangs and Langkawi Island.

Or perhaps you prefer to design your own voyage. The choice is yours. 

Layout and Specifications

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Classic Sailing Charters on Seraph - DaVinci Yacht Charters Phuket


  •   1. Forward Cabins
  •   2. Forepeak Cabin
  •   3. Storage
  •   4. Main Saloon
  •   5. Galley
  •   6. Aft Heads
  •   7. Engine Room
  •   8. Aft Cabin

Her Wardrobe

  •   1. Main Sail
  •   2. Top Sail/Jackyard
  •   3. Fore Sail
  •   4. Fisherman/Gollywobbler
  •   5. Stay Sail
  •   6. Jib/Ballooner

Built in Denmark in 1906, this beautiful schooner spent over half the 20th century trading in the chilly waters of the European North Sea. Designed as a hard-working ketch rigged fishing boat she acted as the ‘go-between’ for fishing trawlers and fishmongers back at port. By the 1970s Seraph was retired from her hardened lifestyle and allowed to enjoy a decade as a liveaboard schooner cruising the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean arriving in Thailand in the late 1980s.

In 1991 she survived stormy waters off the Similan Islands despite some accidental contact with a reef. This resulted in some well-deserved work to restore her to her former glory but reconfigured as a gaff rigged schooner. This re-working to her design enabled her to carry many happy passengers on pleasure cruises around the Andaman Sea for the next decade.

Another substantial refit in 2005 and Seraph was able to spend her centennial anniversary and the following years doing what she does best - sailing clients over the warm azure waters of Phang Nga Bay and Phuket.

So why choose to sail on Seraph?

In addition to the enticing romance of her history and her exemplary credentials, Seraph ‘in the flesh’ speaks for herself. An uncompromising ship, her pedigree from a working life in the north Atlantic shines through in her sailing systems. Seraph, like her angelic namesake, sails under the mighty strength of six sails, like Seraphim’s six wings. All sails are hoisted, trimmed and dropped manually by the crew. As a passenger you even have the opportunity to ‘sweat the lines’ yourself!

For sunbathing without feeling squeezed in like a sardine, Seraph’s decks are large and (if you forgive the pun) shipshape. There is also a covered area to accommodate 30+ people wishing to take a ‘time-out’ from those beaming rays.

On overnight trips, why not also consider spending the night on deck in a sail hammock, being soothed by the balmy air. 

You’ll be pleased to hear that although tradition is of paramount importance on Seraph, there has been no compromise on a modern approach to food and hygiene. She is equipped with an excellent galley and catering facilities, two electric heads (toilets) and air conditioned cabins to accommodate up to ten people (3 doubles and one twin).

Whether on a day trip of an overnight excursion, passengers can feel relaxed and safe in the capable hands of experienced skipper, crew and cook.

Charter Rates

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Included in our prices are:

  • Daily Charter of Seraph, her Captain, cook and Crew.
  • Fuel and Fresh Water.
  • Drinking Water and Soft Drinks.
  • Thai Buffet Lunch.
  • VAT (7%)




  •  Alcoholic Beverages (Full Bar on board at reasonable prices)
  • National Park Fees
  • Transfers are additional by arrangement